Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Training and Workshops

Service Acquisition Training & Workshops

Effective Contracting Requires Clear Requirements

Performance Based Services Acquisition (PBSA) is simply contracting focused on outcomes and results rather than bodies and hours.  PBSA is easier than you think if you have the right perspective.  We can help.

The SimVentions team provides training and workshops in PBSA providing practical and relevant application of PBSA for all types of service requirements of any size.  SimVentions has helped develop and pioneer the concept and delivery of Service Acquisition Workshops (SAWs) widely used throughout the government and Department of Defense (DoD) sectors to help develop your requirements, source selection plans, cost estimates, and contractor performance evaluations.  Our training is structured around an effective process that facilitates the defining of a Request for Proposal’s (RFP) Performance Work Statement (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), and Performance Requirements Summary (PRS).  This performance based approach focuses on outcomes. The SimVentions solution uses the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite to effectively use your time while helping to shorten acquisition lead times and increase acquisition approval rates.

SimVentions is the designer and developer of the ARRT Suite and the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM) for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). The SimVentions team includes a mix of experts in Program Management, Contracting, Performance Based Contracting, Service Acquisition, Software Development, Systems Engineering, and Contract Administration.  Our acquisition training solutions consistently receive the highest performance reviews and equip our customers with hands-on approaches and tools to apply their training immediately.

SimVentions offers a variety of facilitated workshops, training, and technical support in PBSA, including:

  • SAWs – In-house workshops to facilitate your project team in writing your:
    • PWS, QASP, and PRS
    • Draft Source Selection Plan (SSP) and Technical Evaluation Factors
    • Independent Cost Estimate (ICE)
    • Performance Assessment Plan – Executing the QASP
  • Tool training on how to use the ARRT Suite to build the PWS, QASP, and PRS, SSP, ICE
  • Train the trainer – prepare your facilitators to conduct their own workshops
  • SAW facilitation support (primary or secondary)
  • Convert your Statement of Work (SOW) into a PWS
  • Offsite ARRT Suite support during self-facilitated SAWs
  • Hands-on contract life-cycle application of the Seven Step Service Acquisition Process for a specific project’s PWS and QASP
  • Installation and configuration of the ARRT Suite for your organization to work within your IT environment
    • Multi-user application/use
    • Custom modifications to the ARRT Suite
  • Support to build tailorable templates (80% solutions) for organizations having similar recurring needs
  • Acquisition life cycle topics:
    • Best Value Source Selection
    • Writing your PWS
    • Building your QASP
    • Developing your SSP and Technical Evaluation Plan (TEP)
    • Negotiation strategies, tactics, and countermoves
    • Source selection support
    • Contract Administration facilitation – using your QASP
    • Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) support
  • Custom training packages

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Service Acquisition Workshops, or SAWs, are interactive, team-based approaches that apply performance based techniques to service acquisitions.

Service Acquisition Workshops (SAWs)


The Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool, or ARRT, is a job assistance tool used to write performance based requirements.

Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT)


SimVentions is recognized as a qualified entity based on our intimate involvement in the development of the SAW process and as the builder of ARRT.


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