SimV Showcases HHITS Tool at Atlanta Conferences

SimV's tool, HOST Hardware Integration Tool Set (HHITS), was recently showcased at two different conferences in Atlanta, GA. HHITS allows hardware system integrators to search a repository of hardware components, virtually build a chassis, apply rule sets, and identify and mitigate any incompatibilities before acquiring any hardware.

Setting Goals that Count

SimV leader Paul Gustavson explains the difference between plans and goals. He shares how to set goals that count to be your best self.

Handling Nervousness when Presenting

Jason Rachanow led the 5th and final SimV Academy for the “Presentation Skills” series, speaking on “Handling Nervousness when Presenting.” He told the class about the mental and physical symptoms that accompany nervousness and how to combat them.

Packaging Your Presentation

The 4th SimV Academy for the Presentation Skills series was given by Michelle Labor on Presentation Packaging. She explained how to engage, connect, and impact your audience to create the perfect package of a presentation.

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