Project Description

The SimVentions team is recognized as a qualified entity to conduct Service Acquisition Workshops (SAWs) based on its intimate involvement in the development of the SAW process and as the builder of the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite.

ARRT Training | SAW | ARRT Suite | Background

SimVentions, along with Phil Salmeri, helped develop the materials covered in DAU SAWs and were the basis for the processes and content.  The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) recognizes SimVentions as a qualified provider of SAWs.

The SimVentions team has conducted (independently and with DAU) over 230 workshops since 1995 with multi-functional teams to define their service requirements.  Mr. Salmeri worked with DAU in building the Seven Step Service Acquisition Process in the Service Acquisition Mall (SAM) and the Requirements Roadmap.  Mr. Salmeri also helped rewrite the OMB Guide Book for services contracting.  Mr. Salmeri has over 41 years of Acquisition, Program Management, and Best Value Procurement experience, including being a recognized expert on performance-based services contracts.  He is the author of Management Concepts Federal Acquisition ActionPacks entitled Performance Work Statements and Best Value Source Selection.  He is presently writing a book on effective facilitation of SAWs.  He is highly qualified to serve as a lead facilitator.  He has also conducted over 30 two-day workshops based on his book Negotiation Strategies, Tactics, and Countermoves.

In addition to Mr. Salmeri’s qualifications to be a Lead SAW Facilitator, SimVentions has a number of qualified personnel that can serve as assistant facilitators.  SimVentions personnel have performed as assistant facilitators for a number of SAWs with Mr. Salmeri.  As an assistant facilitator, SimVentions helps with teaching, onsite technical support, requirements development, group dynamics, and other input as appropriate.  As the designer and developer of the ARRT Suite, SimVentions has knowledge of the Service Acquisition process, the Requirements Development methodologies in the Suite, and an in depth understanding of contracting strategies and issues.

The SimVentions team has worked closely with DAU to develop the ARRT Suite, SAWs, and SAM. In this effort, we helped revise the Seven Step Service Acquisition Process.  SimVentions has developed the ARRT Requirements Definition Component based on the Requirements Roadmap process of SAWs that Mr. Salmeri developed.  It has become the most effective tool for facilitating teams to build an effective PWS, QASP, and PRS.  SAWs conducted with the ARRT Suite shorten the time needed to develop and gain approval of your acquisition documents.  Using SAWs with the ARRT Suite creates cost savings by identifying real needs and proving the adage, “I can’t tell you how much you’ll save by not buying what you don’t need.”

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