Project Description

“Let SimVentions take your M&S projects to the next level.”

Intuitive Modeling and Composability Tool

Modeling and Design Environment

Architects and planners need an engineering and analysis tool for quickly modeling the representation and behavior of systems, environments, simulations, humans, software, and their composition. In response, SimVentions developed the ConceptualWorks tool, which provides an intuitive UML designer and uses the SISO Base Object Model (BOM) standard for capturing reusable models and providing the answer that developers, architects, and planners need.

Benefits of Using ConceptualWorks

The flexibility, reuse, and composability offered by the BOM standard allows ConceptualWorks to provide designers and developers a robust tool for developing reusable components representative of their software, system, or simulation.  ConceptualWorks offers several intuitive design views for crafting and coupling data models including dependency diagrams, activity diagrams, and sequence diagrams to name just a few. It provides an easy-to-use navigator view, property editor, and resource palette, plus the ability to generate platform-specific models such as HLA FOMs.

Modeling & Simulation Building Blocks

• Create Classes
• Capture Patterns of Interplay
• Define State Machines
• Create BOM Assemblies
• Generate HLA FOMs
• Atomize
• Export to HTML
• Access Repositories

Tool GUI Elements

• Conceptual Model Wizard
• Resource Palette
• Property View
• Text (XML) Editor
• Design (UML) Editor

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