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Dexter is a software integration tool developed by SimVentions that has been enhanced to support the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) Technical Standard**

“Dexter solves a common problem: incompatible software that will not interoperate. Dexter resolves incompatibility issues such as precision, units, measurement systems and data types without the need for an expensive and time consuming rewriting of software.”

“Software reuse without rework.”

Save Your Program Time and Money.

Program Managers (PMs) can save money through interoperability and reuse. PMs will be able to protect their original investment in legacy systems by making
them interoperable with new technology. FACE™ integrators can easily identify software incompatibilities, auto-generate code in alignment with the FACE™ Technical Standard, and create a library of reusable conversions.

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Simple Graphical Interface

Through Dexter’s simple-to-use graphical user interface, system integrators can identify incompatibilities between systems by analyzing the visual representation of the software component’s data models, resolve the problem by creating conversions, and then generate code in alignment with the FACE™ Technical Standard, saving time and money.

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Data Model Parsing

Through the use of a graphical interface, Dexter provides a visual representation of FACE™ data models.

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Data Model Mappings

Dexter provides the system integrator the ability to create mappings between the data models, and conveys discrepancies in the models through the use of colored lines.

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Conversion Definition and Persistence

In some instances, a conversion needs to be defined between the two systems due to differences in units, data types, measurement systems, or precision. Dexter allows the integrator to create several different types of conversions, including: measurement systems, unit, logic (if/then, lookup table), and pre-existing code. These conversions can also be saved into a library for future use.

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Code Generation

Once the system integration issues have been identifed and resolved, Dexter can generate C, C++, and Ada code for the created mappings and conversions.

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