Project Description

ARRT suite of tools

“Equipping the warfighter and the analyst to defend against chemical and biological threats now and in the future.”

“That’s really freakin’ cool!”

The headline above is an actual quote from one of our customers and is representative of people’s reaction in the chem bio community when they realize how the Integrated Acquisition Portal (IAP) can help them succeed in their mission.  And it is no wonder they are so excited as what used to be done in two months with several people can now be accomplished accurately within a matter of minutes.  IAP is a web-based tool used by warfighters and analysts who defend our nation against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

IAP enables visualization of program data. Easily see which programs’ performance would meet the needs of a mission within the threshold ranges. Performance includes actual as well as expected performance. Programs include currently fielded programs as well as programs under development. Programs also represent either a single program or a collection of programs.

 Another customer put it succinctly, “IAP…is helping to understand warfighter capabilities to respond to use of chemical agents.”  

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Visualization of Program Data

The Mission Data capability is used to document a description of operational needs and characteristics and adequately categorize those data for use in IAP analytical tools.  You can do things like:

  • record ChemBio Action data to use in subsequent acquisition analyses in the ChemBio decision process
  • help define required ChemBio needs (i.e. programs and capabilities) based on operational scenarios
  • define Functional Capability Areas and their associated Core Capabilities to support the definition of ChemBio Actions and subsequent acquisition analyses in the ChemBio decision process
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Technology Performance Baseline

The performance data in the IAP will provide the foundation for defining the technology performance baseline. In addition to documenting detailed performance based on test reports, IAP’s Technology Data capability will record the expected (i.e., future) performance of developmental capabilities. Use IAP to:

  • Record technology performance data to use in subsequent acquisition analyses in the ChemBio decision process.
  • Provide programmatic and performance data to support subsequent acquisition analyses in the ChemBio decision process in the ChemBio decision process
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Threat Assessment

Threat data in IAP will provide the foundation for describing operational needs. The IAP team is currently working with the CBK and NTA Library teams to ensure that data needed by all efforts is captured and available for use in IAP’s analyses.  Perform actions such as:

  • Record Threat Data to use in subsequent acquisition analyses in the ChemBio Defense decision process.
  • Understand operational needs based on Threat Knowledge.
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Test Capabilities

The test capabilities portion of IAP:

  • Provides ‘Ground Truth’ characterization of existing CBDP Test Capabilities for test organizations.
  • Increases Decision Maker understanding of impacts on Test Capabilities due to funding changes, changing program test needs, etc.
  • Is employed as a tool for test planning.
  • Optimizes use of scarce resources for Test Capability development.

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