Project Description


Informedb helps to identify and answer issues within a programs disparate datasets that will support sound engineering and technical decisions.  Understanding system of systems integration and coupling it with the other key challenges of a program’s tradeoff is critical in meeting the operational needs of any program.

“Build your data taxonomy, then filter, sort and sift through it using innovative views.”

Take a look below at some of the features people like best about Informedb Enterprise.



Informedb will display the interconnected system of systems data so the user can move about the program and view it from many levels of abstraction to show the consequences of delays and funding cuts.



Informedb offers a menu driven capability in which a program can define their own schema and collect data into an extensible model to build an accurate representation of the programs static and dynamic relationships.


Online War Room

Informedb offers network based access to track capabilities, programs and activities, and enables standardized reporting.  Decision makers will be able to model capability plans online and quickly determine the impact of issues and risks.


Auto Generate PowerPoint and Excel

lnformedb enables significant cost savings in the development and generation of artifacts currently built by hand in PowerPoint, Excel, and other standalone office products.

  • Generate PowerPoint slides for briefings with the click of a button
  • Export Excel data quickly and easily

The lnformedb Enterprise technology has application to many functional domains beyond systems engineering including program management, deployment plans, system load-out planning, model validation, and many other uses.

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