Project Description


Program Management and Planning Tool Suite

“PMaP provides the Program Manager with decision-quality data to effectively manage and status any program.”

Enhancing Program Management.

SimVentions’ Program Management and Planning (PMaP) tool suite integrates cost, schedule, and risk data into a single dashboard view, allowing decision-making to be performed more quickly and accurately. PMaP sits on top of MS Project and is scalable to handle both small and large programs, and provides the visual tools and outputs needed to better manage your program efforts.


Responsive Management Toolset

PMaP provides instant status and highlights impacts for proactive management, which assists PEO’s and PM’s in coordinating complex systems of systems decisions.


Automated PowerPoint Slide Generation

PMaP has a built in PowerPoint slide generator that has several available templates, and can be easily customized.


Automatic Update Process

Complex systems of systems acquisitions with multiple components developed under separate contracts require a robust management toolset to administer all components. PMaP provides an automated update process to unravel the complexity of your program.


Cost, Schedule, and Risk Connections

Diverse management with numerous milestone gates and Test and Evaluation (T&E) requirements necessitates a tool that can visualize status across the programs. PMaP provides the connection between cost, schedule, and risk utilizing best management practices.


Flexible Data Exchange

Managing and reporting multiple levels of data amongst various locations and software applications. PMaP provides flexible ways to exchange data within operational environments.

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The Development Automated Relationship Tracker (DART) Tool provides a graphical view of all data relationships throughout the system engineering process and identifies technical risks.


MTAT facilitates the planning, organization, assessment, reporting, and recommendations required for guiding, building, and sharing various task analysis processes and products.