Project Description

Steve Goss

Chief Financial Officer

Steve oversees the finance and contracts departments of SimVentions – monitoring all financial functions including accounting, budget, credit, insurance, tax, and treasury; and designs and coordinates a wide variety of accounting and statistical data and reports.

“I have a heart for our employees, and their families, to see that they are blessed by their work and relationships at SimVentions. I also have a passion to see other entrepreneurs grow and succeed in their business pursuits (as we have done here at SimVentions) and to operate and lead using the biblical principles of servant leadership and stewardship – knowing that the Lord blesses and provides all that we have and all that we are!”


  • University of LaVerne (B.S. Mathematics)
  • Cofounded SimVentions (2000).
  • Former member of the US Navy.
  • Established SimVentions accounting system structure.
  • Supported Department of Defense in weapons system software development.
  • Safeguards compliance with IRS and DCAA regulations.
  • Ensures financial and contract support to the US Government.

Larry Root, CEO

Responsible for creating, planning, and implementing the strategic direction of the company. Leads SimVentions Board of Directors and sets SimV’s Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Core Values.