Technical Excellence With Heart

We are a family with a common purpose: to glorify God in all that we do, to display technical excellence in our work, to support our war fighters, and to sustain a creative, supportive, constructive work place for our employees.

Our People

SimVentions is a company of individuals built on a strong culture of talented, engaged employees focused on delivering high quality solutions to our customers while maintaining a positive environment. That is why we built SimVentions from the ground up with people, family, and the community in mind.

Founded in 2000 by four experienced leaders in technical support of the U.S. military, today SimVentions is headquartered just south of Washington D.C. in Fredericksburg, VA.  Our company continues to be focused on technical excellence and customer and employee satisfaction.  We are consistently thinking, working and succeeding together.  Because of this SimVentions is a thriving small business supporting the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, other joint Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, non-profits and commercial businesses.

We exist to help you succeed. We work hard to understand the challenges you are facing and provide innovative solutions that go beyond the expected.  Our dedicated service teams are here to help you with your most pressing needs and reaching your long term objectives.

We’re here for you — today and tomorrow. Learn about our values or contact us today to find out more.

Meet The Team

SimVentions has a full and seasoned leadership team. Highly experienced in their respective fields, they pride themselves in the work they do and the people they lead.

SimVentions. Built for Your Success.


“Your Success is Our Honor.”™  These five simple words express our culture: to deliver solutions that go beyond the expected. Centered around customer and employee satisfaction we believe it can only be accomplished by understanding our customers’ needs, providing innovative solutions and doing what it takes to ensure your success.



Our culture helps foster imagination, creativity, exploration, and discovery. This has helped us build a dedicated team with passionate hearts and unmatched capabilities, as evidenced by referrals from existing customers, positive employee feedback, and numerous awards including being one of Virginia’s best places to work.



SimVentions is not only committed to excellence in our work, but to serving the surrounding community as well. We believe is it an honor and a responsibility to use our time and talents to serve in both the business and public sector, which we do through local fund-raising events, as well as international missions and service projects.



SimVentions’ leadership team is comprised of a core group of experienced professionals who know how to effectively communicate, connect with, and lead others. We leverage our experience to enable innovation and foster a corporate culture which yields positive change by bringing ideas and concepts to life.


Be a part of something greater.

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