SimVentions provides support to the M&S Director in PEO IWS.  We developed and deployed the PEO IWS M&S Portal, which is based on the EMBR Portal tool we developed under an existing contract with the DoD M&S Coordination Office (DMSCO).  For the last 4 years, we receive resources and tasking from IWS to build new capabilities and provide ongoing support to their Portal tool.  We also provide training and briefings, as needed.

The primary focus of the PEO IWS M&S Portal is M&S management.  Until they adopted our tool, IWS never had a capability to collect, organize, and analyze their M&S resources. Now that their M&S artifacts are in their own Portal, they are better able to collaborate and reuse them.  We have already identified examples of how they have saved significant time and money by using this tool.  Our success with IWS hit a high point in Nov 2013 when RADM Horn signed a memo that says “I approve the use of the PEO IWS M&S Portal and I direct PEO IWS programs use the M&S Portal to manage their M&S portfolios.”