System Engineering

Systems Engineering

SimVentions brings breadth and depth of knowledge and experience

Systems Engineering Helps Ensure a Complete Solution

SimVentions provides comprehensive and effective Systems Engineering services and solutions to its customers. Our company was founded by experts in the field and engineers comprise a considerable portion of our workforce. We know how systems engineering fits into the overall Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process of product development. As one of the company’s core strengths, our systems engineering skills enable us to perform all aspects of product development from conceptualization to production. Our corporate systems engineering capability begins at the concept level, where requirements and architecture are transitioned into well thought out system designs, and then through the development and production, and finally, sustainment.


Key Experience

SimVentions has proven experience in across the systems engineering spectrum including system requirements, technical design, documentation, prototypes, Human Systems Integration (HSI), cyber security, safety for tactical defense and related support systems. We have many senior systems engineers within the company with over 25 years of experience in these disciplines backed up with a full complement of junior and journeyman engineers.



Each system is unique in its own way but the engineering process remains consistent. SimVentions’ Systems Engineering capability is structured to bring consistent processes and methods to address your needs. Throughout the engineering process, our teams follow disciplined approaches that are adapted to each system and customer requirement to address the engineering considerations of concern.



SimVentions Systems Engineering capability is focused on delivering results. We do more than simply provide technical advice. Our engineers are ready to align themselves with our customer’s objectives to help engineer and deliver a successful product for our customers. This partnership is backed up with SimVentions’ commitment to technical excellence in all that it does to yield the results implied by our motto: “Your Success, is our Honor.”™

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SimVentions' BEACH project improves on the safety and efficiency of identity checking for our military.

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