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Test and Evaluation Database

Joint Research and Development, Inc. (JRAD) is tasked with conducting analyses of current test and evaluation (T&E) capabilities for chemical and biological testing to identify capability shortfalls required to support T&E needs for JPEO CBD’s programs of record. In the process of conducting their analysis, JRAD identified the need for a tool to assist in documenting T&E capabilities and performing capability gap analyses.

Over the next five months, SimVentions worked with the JRAD customer to develop the Test and Evaluation Capabilities Assessment (TECA) tool, an Access prototype application for capability gap analysis of T&E capabilities. Utilizing a Scrum development methodology, the SimVentions team was able to demonstrate emerging TECA capabilities every two weeks at the end of each sprint allowing the JRAD customer to quickly view and comment on the direction of the TECA development. Reviewing software progress every two weeks provided the JRAD customer transparency with the development process and helped form a tightly integrated developer/customer team.

Within 18 months of delivery, TECA was leveraged in response to the DoD Moratorium on Biological Select Agent and Toxin (BSAT) production, shipment, and testing. When the US Army suspended BSAT operations, TECA was used to identify alternative laboratories with BSAT capabilities to help mitigate the impacts to JPEO CBD’s programs of record.