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Our mission, purpose, and vision represent the very heart of SimVentions and what we treasure. They convey who we are, what we desire to be, how we measure ourselves, and how we plan to get there.


To be trusted partners in engineering services and technology development by cultivating innovation and delivering on promises.


To be a company that strives to honor, please, and glorify God by operating on biblical principles.


To be a relationship-centered company focused on our employees, customers, and communities.

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SimVentions offers an environment that fosters innovation and collaboration. We are made up of a dedicated and committed team focused on providing our very best ideas and solutions to one another and to our customers. Our team recognizes there is honor in helping others succeed, and our culture helps foster imagination, creativity, exploration, and discovery. This combination has helped us build a great team with great heart and great capability.

Headquartered just south of Washington, DC, near historic Fredericksburg, VA, SimVentions has grown from three employees and one contract into a thriving business with multiple contracts supporting the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, and various joint Department of Defense (DoD) agencies.


Through our mission to be trusted partners and in alignment with our innovative and supportive culture, SimVentions values and equally cares for all our employees. We strive to be a company that:

  • Welcomes the unique perspectives and experience diversity brings​
  • Focuses on and encourages belonging which begins with an openness to engage, listen, care for, respect, and support each other
  • Believes fostering an inclusive SimVentions culture is the best way to champion the power of diversity as a company​
  • Understands that many of the greatest ideas and discoveries come from diverse minds, backgrounds, and experiences​
  • Commits to cultivating an environment that fosters respect, equity, and opportunity for all our employees resulting in an inclusive work environment
  • Expects our employees to respect the differences each person brings and leverage those differences to be the best SimVentions we can be for each other and our customers.
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SimVentions is a company of individuals built on a strong culture of talented, engaged employees focused on delivering high quality solutions to our customers while maintaining a positive environment. That is why we built SimVentions from the ground up with people, family, and the community in mind.

Founded in 2000 by four experienced leaders in technical support of the U.S. military, today SimVentions is headquartered just south of Washington D.C. in Fredericksburg, VA. Our company continues to be focused on technical excellence and customer and employee satisfaction. We are consistently thinking, working and succeeding together. Because of this SimVentions is a thriving small business supporting the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, other joint Department of Defense (DoD) agencies, non-profits and commercial businesses.


Support Our Warfighters

SimVentions is a proud supporter of the U.S. military, and we take pride in our ability to provide relevant, game-changing solutions to our armed men and women around the world.

Drive Customer Success

We deliver solutions that go beyond the expected. This means you can expect to work with a team that will do whatever it takes to ensure our customers’ success.

Get Involved in Giving Back

We believe that one of the best ways to be a well-rounded company is to have well-rounded employees, which is why we provide frequent service opportunities for our team members.

Build Innovative Technology

SimVentions takes pride in its innovative and cutting edge technology, so you can be sure that whatever project you work on, you will be having a direct impact on your customer.

Work With Brilliant People

At SimVentions, we don’t just hire the smartest people. We hire experienced, creative individuals who are passionate about what they do, and who embody our culture.

Create Meaningful Solutions

We always have a wide variety of challenging, meaningful problems to solve at SimVentions, which span the whole range of our six core disciplines.

Join the SimVentions Family

SimVentions is about more than just being a fun place to work. We are a family of like-minded individuals who support, encourage, and do great things together.


SimVentions has been 100% employee-owned since 2020! At the heart of who we are, and reflected in our tag line, Imagine. Create. Explore. Discover.™ and by our motto, Your Success Is Our Honor™, is the knowledge and recognition that each employee is what makes SimVentions successful and a great place to work! You bring your gifts and talents, you strive to innovate, you focus on the success of our customers, you have passion for our warfighters, and you look out and care for each other and our communities. Because of that, there is no better group of people to carry the company forward into the future than you! 


ESOP stands for Employee Stock Ownership Plan. It’s a form of an employee retirement plan, in which employees are able to accrue stock in the company over the course of their employment and receive payment for stock as a retirement benefit – all at no cost to the employee! 


  • Impact: work on projects that directly support the defense of our nation.
  • Serve: work for a company that supports its surrounding communities.
  • Employee Owned: Work with the best and help build YOUR company.
  • Dress code: business casual. We like to be comfortable while we work.
  • Healthcare: one of the best packages in the industry.
  • Culture: add to our culture of technical excellence and collaboration.
  • Food: we have a lot of food around here.
  • Family focus: work for a team that recognizes the importance of family time.
  • Lots of employee-appreciation events throughout the year.
  • Excellent facilities, tools, and training opportunities to grow in your field.
  • Open communication: work in an environment where your voice matters.
  • SimVentions sports teams and workout groups.
  • Employee-led interest groups for personal and professional development.
  • What you bring to the table: contribute, grow, and thrive.



Customer Passion:

The relentless focus on delighting the customer to earn and keep customer trust.

Continuous Development:

The investment of self, team, and company that results in ever increasing value to ourselves and everyone around us.

Technical Excellence:

Continually achieving the consistent, exceptional quality of our solutions that delights customers and exceeds their expectations.

Integrity & Teamwork:

Keeping our word and helping our teammates keep their word too. It's achieved via honesty, accountability, and commitment.

Enthusiasm & Effort:

The drive to meet and exceed project objectives, personal goals, and customer expectations.


Adapting something in a novel way that adds significant value.

Financial Stewardship & Growth:

Caring for and maximizing resources while expanding the economic impact and stability for our employees, the community, and customers.