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With a deep team bench and decades of combined experience, we are able to offer support in the seven core areas highlighted below. Click on the individual categories to learn more specific information, or watch the video to get a brief high-level overview of the different capabilities and services we provide.

We are a team that works together to solve problems and leverage each other’s strengths. This is represented in our commitment to support one another, to provide the very best experience for our employees, and to supply our customers with the best value available so we can ensure their success.

Proven expertise in

Systems Engineering

We understand how systems engineering fits into the overall Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition process of product development. As one of our core strengths, our systems engineering skills enable us to perform all aspects of product development, from conceptualization to production.

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Leading the edge in

Software Engineering

SimVentions develops robust, high quality, and innovative software solutions. We are equipped and ready to meet your SW needs whether it is implementing mission critical applications, developing new technologies for commercial, web-based, or desktop solutions, or smart application of legacy technology to field solutions in existing environments.

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Our XWorks team is focused on pushing the bounds of autonomous systems, augment reality, deep learning, and emerging technologies. Innovation is a core part of who we are. We are focused on designing and developing solutions that go beyond the expected.

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Offering a full arsenal of

Innovative Tools

SimVentions’ focus is to provide the very best service and commitment to our customers and our community. Often, our efforts produce innovations that are applied and used to support the needs of our community of interest. Follow the link below to learn more about some of the innovative tools our team has developed.

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Protect your data

Cybersecurity Engineering

SimVentions helps ensure cybersecurity is considered both early and often as we guide programs and systems through the development process. We have a highly experienced cybersecurity assessment team with multifaceted backgrounds in non-invasive and invasive assessments and testing. Find out more about how we can assist with your cybersecurity needs.

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Years of experience in

Program Management

SimVentions provides Program Management (PM) expertise to assist government customers. Our staff possesses a
range of program management credentials and certifications necessary to support a wide variety of customer needs. Our personnel are supported by innovative tools used to streamline management processes, saving time and money.

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Experts in the field of

Modeling & Simulation

Modeling and Simulation provides a powerful and cost-effective tool that can be used to promote innovation, to test capability, to facilitate preparation, and to support training. SimVentions’ extensive experience in M&S is recognized throughout the M&S community.

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Looking for a

Custom Solution?

The company’s technological culture is focused on the words “Imagine, Create, Explore, Discover”, which provides encouragement for employees to truly think “outside of the box” and to find solutions that are needed, relevant, and push the state of the technology for the engineering disciplines we work in. Learn more about how we can put that kind of thinking to work, to develop custom solutions for your needs.

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Success Stories

SimV Showcases HHITS Tool at Atlanta Conferences

February 18th, 2020|0 Comments

SimV's tool, HOST Hardware Integration Tool Set (HHITS), was recently showcased at two different conferences in Atlanta, GA. HHITS allows hardware system integrators to search a repository of hardware components, virtually build a chassis, apply rule sets, and identify and mitigate any incompatibilities before acquiring any hardware.