These four simple words express a key concept: to deliver solutions that go beyond the expected.
We believe this goal can only be accomplished by:

• Understanding our Customers' Needs
• Providing Innovative Solutions
• Doing What it Takes


From non-lethal weapons systems to software that saves
time and money in acquisitions, our technical capabilities
and services exist to serve our men and women in uniform.

     • Systems Engineering
     • Software Engineering
     • Security Engineering
     • Modeling and Simulation


lnformeDB Enterprise provides improved system engineering capability and planning
in a complex decision space that includes time, risk, technical, and operational needs.

• Auto-generated PowerPoint briefs
• Visual roadmaps and planning models
• Web-based and desktop-based tools


we love what we do. find out why!

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We believe the success of our business is
measured in the success of our customers.

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Finding the Right Balance

Rachael shares how she is blessed by coming to SimV because she can still perform her #1 job, being an amazing mother. SimV understands that family is a priority and created a culture that allows employees to feel comfortable mixing their business and personal life.

  • rise against

SimVentions Hosts “Rise Against Hunger” With Special Guest Appearance by Sally Struthers!

Over 130 SimVentions employees, guests, and family members joined forces at the company headquarters in Fredericksburg, VA to package 20,736 meals in just 2 hours! Adding to the excitement of the event was a special guest appearance by actress Sally Struthers, who came to cheer on the volunteers!

How Small Businesses Become Leaders

SimV COO, Joe Caliri shares how small businesses can make a big mark in their industry by being bigger, better, networked, talented, agile, and ready.

“Your Success is Our Honor™”

These five simple words express our culture: to deliver solutions that go beyond the expected. Centered around customer and employee satisfaction we believe it can only be accomplished by understanding our customers’ needs, providing innovative solutions and doing what it takes to ensure your success.

“I see every day around me how our business model being kingdom-driven affects our direction…I’m reminded of the words of Theodore Roosevelt when he says, ‘People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’, and I really think that speaks to our corporate slogan: ‘Your Success is Our Honor™’.”
-Scott Roberts, Company Chaplain
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Technical Excellence With Heart

Our culture helps foster imagination, creativity, exploration, and discovery. This has helped us build a dedicated team with passionate hearts and unmatched capabilities, as evidenced by referrals from existing customers, positive employee feedback, and numerous awards including being one of Virginia’s best places to work.

” I love working along side a talented team that is always looking out for one another and our customer.”
-Paul Gustavson, CTO
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Giving Back

SimVentions is not only committed to excellence in our work, but to serving the community as well. We believe it is an honor and a responsibility to use our time and talents to serve in both the business and public sector, which we do through local fund-raising events as well as international missions and service projects.

“It’s amazing how often in our community you’ll look and see SimVentions as a sponsor of something. We’re just all over, not only in faith-based activities, but in helping people in practical ways as well.”
-Pete Schatz, Software Engineer
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“Your Success is Our Honor™”

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