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SimVentions helps ensure cybersecurity is considered both early and often as we guide programs and systems through the development process. Our team of certified cybersecurity engineers has a broad spectrum of capabilities applicable across the domain to include: secure design and development systems, system certification and accreditation (C&A), security and penetration testing, supply chain analysis, and ongoing maintenance and security posture monitoring. SimVentions has applied cybersecurity best practices to the development, integration, and maintenance of enterprise systems, core networks, labs, and critical systems.


Cybersecurity Assessments/Testing

SimVentions offers a highly experienced cybersecurity assessment team with multifaceted backgrounds in non-invasive and invasive assessments and testing. We have multiple personnel who have planned, led, and executed both covert and overt cybersecurity assessments on multiple systems ranging from enterprise assets to stand alone tactical networks. Our penetration testers assess the organization’s ability to protect, detect, react, and restore in response to an advanced persistent threat attack. Our team can also help with non-invasive vulnerability assessments to provide a snapshot in time of an organization’s security posture, followed by remediation and technical training to reduce risk and implement security posture changes.

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Code Review & Analysis

SimVentions follows a software security and development checklist, which addresses a number of software development best practices from a security perspective. We have experience using tools to scan code for weaknesses, identify bad code, and isolate security concerns. By integrating our team of cyber security engineers with our software developers, we can quickly recognize and address security concerns, threats, and weaknesses so code can be developed in adherence to security best practices to include Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards.


Threat Modeling/Vulnerability Management

SimVentions has experience understanding and analyzing threats to assess their applicability, potential impact, and overall risk. Threat modeling and vulnerability assessments must be continuously updated as potential threats are discovered. We approach threat modeling from a potential attacker’s perspective, so our development teams can effectively analyze and mitigate security risks throughout the software development life cycle. Our experience with threat modeling includes: analysis of the threat mapping of the threat the potential application, understanding the probability of success, probability of detection after attack, concern for retribution, payoff from attack, and identification of potential mitigation or avoidance options.


Security Architecture

Security architectures provide the framework for analysis to determine net-centric interoperability, policy implementation, duplications, synchronization, and support the identification of capability gaps and redundancies. We have developed security architectures to integrate the network-perimeter, host-perimeter, and system-level security controls to protect information assets against cyber adversaries. We do this by separating logical configurations from physical infrastructures with feasible and collapsing security boundaries into a single security architecture that reduces the external attack surface and standardizes security controls. Additionally, the security architectures we develop lay out a way forward for the end user to securely perform their job, maintain greater cyber situational awareness, and support better information flow control across the network.

In this day and age it seems like everyone needs to be a technological genius to keep their networks and computers safe from outside threats.  Choices Women’s Center is a non-profit pregnancy center which means cybersecurity is not in our mission but still very important. We turned to SimVentions for our cybersecurity assessment.  Not only were they extremely knowledgeable, but they provided us with valuable information in a way that we could understand and carry it out. They were very accommodating with our schedule and the need to maintain the privacy of our clients.  SimVentions has continued to be a great help while we are implementing their suggested changes to our system. They have been available to answer our questions whether it be by phone, email or coming by the center when necessary. Choices Women’s Center was very pleased with SimVentions’s ability to not only meet but exceed our security needs.

Choices Women’s Center, Fredericksburg, VA
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I’ll sleep better at night

October 21st, 2015|0 Comments

SimVentions recently traveled to JUICE, where we were able to demonstrate how system outages caused by things like natural disasters or cyber attacks could both be tracked and mitigated against.

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