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Integrated Acquisition Portal (IAP)

To better understand how well the Warfighter is protected against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive (CBRNE) attacks, Joint Research and Development, Inc. (JRAD) was tasked with providing a mechanism for centralized documentation of mission-contextualized technical and performance data for materiel solutions in support of systems engineering and acquisition initiatives.

During a seven month period, SimVentions worked with the JRAD customer to transform the existing Technology Database (TD) prototype tool, complete with hundreds of thousands of performance data points, into a web-based application and to develop a complex materiel solution gap analysis. This effort was completed using a Scrum development methodology with the JRAD customer’s ability to continue populating the tool as a priority. SimVentions approach met that goal and improved the customer’s productivity in the new web-based version, while development was still in progress.

Even prior to deployment of IAP version 1.0, the analysis modules and accompanying data have been used to respond to emergent data calls. Long term, the IAP effort will focus on developing threat data and a host of new analysis modules, and will also consolidate and integrate the functionality and data from the Access-based Test and Evaluation Capability Assessment (TECA) prototype tool.