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SimV Provides Cybersecurity Engineering Support

SimVentions is providing cybersecurity engineering support for the new Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carriers.  Our tasking involves analysis, recommendations and development of solutions for the Integrated Combat System (ICS). The center of the ICS is the Ship Self Defense System (SSDS). The Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is the first SSDS ship to implement a Boundary Defense Capability (BDC), designed to provide a level of protection for the ICS, and enable the control of data flow into and out of the ICS.

Along with providing design support for the BDC, SimVentions has been deeply involved in the resolution of issues of interfaces with multi-level classifications. Data has to flow throughout the ship, and there are times when a classified system has to interface with an unclassified system. This is called a Cross Domain (CD) interface, and they cannot be connected without some sort of mitigation for the CD situation. SimVentions led the way in developing documentation, monitoring the Secret and Below Interoperability (SABI) process and assisting with testing the hardware/software solution onboard the CVN 78 during its shipyard construction.

After analysis of the documentation and test results from the shipboard testing, the solution has been approved for operation by the Defense Information Assurance Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG).  This evolution was the first SABI process that SSDS has gone through, and SimVentions was a major player in the difficult, but successful, task.