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TSG – The R&D Engine for SimVentions

The SimVentions brand is very credible and well known now in many large offices, especially NAVSEA and the Marine Corps Systems Command. Our support is highly sought after because of our past track record of excellent support and also because we provide unique software tools to make program offices even more efficient and effective. TSG employs a strategy with three key components:

  1. First, we provide trustworthy and experienced people to support our customers, shoulder-to-shoulder in program offices, technology acquisition shops, and logistics teams.
  2. Second, we develop and deploy software tools with unique capabilities to help manage complex Defense programs. TSG’s principal software tools are Informedb and EMBR. The feature sets of these products give us a unique competitive advantage as we market our services. The combination of trustworthy people and innovative software tools helps us serve our customers well and gain new opportunities for additional work.
  3. The third element of our strategy is to continuously research and apply new, innovative approaches with leading edge technologies. This makes our software tools and our services even more capable with each release.  Our R&D efforts and the development of new software capabilities makes our people more effective at serving our customers by increasing our knowledge and skill sets.   In this way, the three elements of our strategy are linked together.

But, the DoD has unique constraints that prevent them from adopting the latest, “bleeding-edge” technology that we see in the commercial market.  For instance, while most of us are very familiar with the technologies that support online shopping, cloud-based collaboration, and gaming, the DoD faces several challenges to utilizing commercial innovations as they emerge.

First, the DoD’s chief concern is the development and deployment of warfighting capabilities, not profit. Commercial technologies are developed with the goal of gaining as many customers as they can, as rapidly as possible. The DoD acquires capabilities for a relatively few number of users who still require the highest levels of effectiveness and reliability. Often, brand-new emerging technologies do not offer the proven stability required to meet DoD satisfaction.

Second, these state-of-the-art technologies are typically not secure enough to support the warfighters’ requirement for trustworthy, secure, and reliable communications. A great deal of effort is spent ensuring that systems are confidential, protected, highly available, authoritative, and non-repudiated.

These challenges may sound like a constraint, but TSG looks at them as an opportunity. Our understanding of leading-edge technologies through R&D helps us inform, educate, and guide our customers. We are constantly scanning the horizon for new ways to help them solve their problems. While our current tools are good at collecting, organizing, and visualizing complex data, the next generation of tools will spring from our ongoing research into emerging concepts and technologies.

Because of our recent SBIR proposal successes, a key area of current research is machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are actively evaluating these concepts to empower our customers with new analytical insights from their data and also possibly enable them to predict the emergence of significant issues rather than just respond to them. Because we understand our customers’ requirements and mission, we are able to explore and test the right technologies that promise to solve our customers’ current and future needs.

To see some of the tools we have to offer, visit our tools page here!