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The Collaboration Factor

When it comes to teamwork, perhaps Henry Ford said it best. “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Ford, who built an entire industry with the mass production of the automobile, is talking about the importance of collaboration. Collaboration is a critical factor for a team, and in order for collaboration to truly work and work well, the team needs to have a culture that encourages camaraderie.

   If our walls could talk and tell you the story of SimVentions, if it could share our struggles and successes, our tears and our triumphs, and highlight the moments of significance past and future, it would share with you that the most meaningful moments are the times of collaboration, connection, and camaraderie. You would see that it’s been when our culture is breathing, in and out, is when we are at our best. Never one moment, but a culture that is continuously growing. It’s through our collaboration and camaraderie that makes the culture stand out and creates a feeling of oneness. Collaboration, connection, and camaraderie is the responsibility of every single person in a company and it’s how culture breathes. What we do at SimV and what we strive for mirrors what other strong organizations with great culture do.

   A few years ago, I had a chance to meet Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick‐fil‐A. He shared how they built their culture and how they continue to build it, offering some very interesting takeaways. In those early years, they learned from Disney that “leading by example is a story line that delivers tangible results.” Dan then shared that the culture tells the story. “It is reflected by demonstrating the behaviors that your team values. You have to teach this. Model this…” I went back and looked up the Chick‐fil‐A values.

There are five values and they are very similar to the values held high at SimV.

        1. Customer First (SimV –Customer Satisfaction)

        2. Personnel Excellence (SimV –Technical Excellence/Innovation)

        3. Continuous Improvement (SimV –Employee Development)

        4. Working Together (SimV –Integrity & Teamwork / Enthusiasm & Effort)

        5. Stewardship (SimV –Business Growth & Profitability)

   Each of these values tell the story of their culture, but what jumped out for me was Value 4. It speaks of the importance of collaboration and camaraderie. For our culture to breathe, we need to continue to be committed to each other in working together. That’ the Collaboration Factor. By working together, we put our customers first, we excel individually, we improve continuously, and we create great opportunity to steward graciously!

At SimV, we will continue to make the Collaboration Factor a key part of what we do every day! Remember, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things are achieved!

By Paul Gustavson