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It’s No Coincidence

By Taylor Duffy

Before coming to SimVentions, Lisa Bolin worked as a program analyst for a small company supporting the Marine Corps Systems Command. On top of her workday, Lisa spent anywhere from two to four hours commuting to and from her office. She didn’t hate her job, but she didn’t love it either. Going to work became a mechanical task that was both mentally and physically draining. Lisa never really felt a connection to her employer or that she was making a difference. In addition, Lisa felt she was seeing less and less of her children because of her unpredictable commute, and her kids were paying the price for her job.

While sitting in her cube, she overheard someone mention how SimVentions won a large contract. Lisa was not actively looking for another position, but she happened to overhear about SimVentions on a particularly rough day. She immediately went onto the SimV website, saw a job opening that she was qualified for, and decided to apply for the position. That choice would ultimately change her life. The more she read about SimVentions, the more she found herself connecting to the company’s mission, purpose, and core values. Within a few hours, the SimV recruiter got a hold of her and set up an interview.

Lisa was nervous about the interview, but when she came in to meet the hiring manager, she instantly fell in love with the environment and the opportunity. She knew she had to work at SimV to get her life back, and she wanted to work for a company that was focused on changing lives. Lisa has never regretted taking that leap of faith and coming to SimV.

She is happy she works with a company that cares about her as an individual outside of the office and not just her working role. With the flexibility SimV offers, Lisa was able to put her work-life balance back into synch and excel professionally. Lisa has a job she is passionate about and feels her current role is making a difference for her customer and our military.

Lisa says, “I have never worked for a company that invests in people’s lives so much or experienced the sense of community that exists within SimVentions. Everyone here is happy!”

There are no accidents in life. That one bad day that turned into a moment of curiosity about SimVentions paid off in Lisa’s life. A few weeks after she settled in at SimV, her daughter ran up to her, threw her arms around her, and said, “You’re happy, Mommy.” Those words have meant the world to her.

If you’re thinking about creating a better opportunity for yourself, Lisa encourages you to apply at SimV. Discover for yourself how one call and one company can change your life!