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The Summer Internship Experience

By Taylor Duffy

I am sure every college student has heard, “An internship looks great on your resume” or, “You need experience to get a job.” Josh Wassum was just like any other college student that knew the value of an internship.

Josh was a sophomore at Marshall University, pursuing a degree in computer science. He realized he needed to gain experience in his field and turned to his father-in-law for direction. Knowing that SimVentions’ CEO Larry Root happened to attend to his church, his father-in-law encouraged Josh to seek out a position at SimVentions. After learning more about the company, he sent in his resume and was invited into the internship program.

Josh had a great internship because of the relationships he made and the quality of the people there. He loved SimV and the feeling was mutual, because he was brought back for another summer internship and as a full-time employee after graduation.

“It’s hard to picture a life without SimVentions,” Josh explained. “It’s much more than a job to me. It’s a community and an extension of my family.” Even though he knew what to expect, he was surprised by the great employee benefits and the extent of our community involvement – the amount SimV invests outwardly.

Josh feels SimV stands out because of the emphasis they place on people and relationships, which drew him in as an intern and remains the same today. He didn’t realize how much he could not only excel but enjoy his career. He feels rewarded knowing he works somewhere that makes a difference in the community and for the warfighter.

SimV is taking applications for our Summer Internship Program now until December 31, 2022. Apply through the Careers page below!