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Taking Chances

By Taylor Duffy

SimVentions has always been the kind of company that appreciates the potential in youth and the difference they can make. SimV sees them as

all the things they can learn, rather than all the things they do not know. Dan Biester was a grad school student in New Jersey, seeking his Computer Science degree. Dan graduated with a Bachelors in Biology before realizing that he wanted to work with software. In an effort to gain experience, he worked full time at a casino in their HR and IT departments during his master’s education.

Dan’s best friend from college moved to Fredericksburg, VA and frequently told him to find a job there. Dan wanted to work for a small co

mpany where he could make a name for himself, so when his best friend sent him information about a job opening at SimVentions, Dan immediately applied. The very next day he got a call to set up an interview.

During his first visit to the company half of the interviewers were wearing shorts and t-shirts. The relaxed environment made him feel comfortable and he knew he had to work here. Shortly after, SimV offered him a position and he accepted.

Dan said, “Since I started late in the field, my resume didn’t exactly back up my skillset. SimVentions took a chance when they hired me, but it paid off. I am making a big difference here, helping the company and the warfighter.”

SimV continues to trust and give a lot of responsibility to Dan. He has learned much in such a short period of time and is now the sole developer on a project that started this year. He is not only making a great impact on the company, but he is growing in his own career.

As great as the technical growth is for Dan, his favorite part about the company is the community. He has real friendships with his coworkers and enjoys that there are always conversations in the halls and healthy time for fellowship and interaction with his teammates. There have been multiple times when he’s seen a member of our leadership team downtown and has stopped to chat with them. He’s gotten exactly what he wanted and more from a company that cares about technical excellence and growth, but also growth in relationships and character.

Dan encourages you to apply and see if SimVentions will take a chance on you!