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It’s Only 20 Minutes

By Taylor Duffy

Working out can often be intimidating. It’s easy for that little voice inside your head to make excuses for not exercising. I became discouraged about working out because I didn’t have anyone to keep me accountable or get me excited. The thought of spending even more time away from my dog, who already spent the whole day alone inside, was enough to deter me.

Randy approached me soon after I was hired and asked if I would be interested in joining the Noon Training group. Noon Training is one component of the SimV Fit program that consists of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). SimV Fit is a very important part of our company culture. SimV cares about employees and their wellness in all areas of life, including physical.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the group meets at noon, warms up for 5 minutes, works out for “Only 20 Minutes” (the group’s slogan), and cools down and stretches for 5. This workout allows employees to take a break from their work, sweat it out with coworkers, and come back to work energized and with a fresh perspective.

Noon Training started with a former employee who saw a need and pursued the opportunity to start the group. Randy really took to the group and what it was all about, so when its original leader left the company, Randy stepped in to facilitate its continuation.

The workouts are designed to offer variety, and all movements are modifiable to scale either up or down in intensity to match any individual participant’s abilities or physical limitations. The exercise from this training affects much more than just your functional strength and endurance. He explains that it’s “not just a physical break, it’s a mental wellness break.” The training increases mental focus, helps you sleep better, and helps you meet and fellowship with co-workers.

Randy’s favorite part about this group are the friendships he’s formed. He loves that everyone bumps fists at the end as a sign of unspoken gratitude for the energy each person contributed to encourage one another. It’s recognition that we have a group full of accountability partners that depend on each other.

I think everyone should give Noon Training a chance. The group is a judgement free, inclusive zone where anyone can feel comfortable regardless of their abilities or fitness level. I no longer must pay to join a gym or drag myself back out of the house to exercise in the evening. I am so much happier in my mind, body, and spirit because of this group. The little voice whispering excuses in my head is replaced with real voices and fist bumps from the group saying, “Great job,” and “Thank you.”