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The Value of Technical Excellence

By Taylor Duffy

There are two key traits of a successful employee or business: charisma and technical excellence, and both traits are necessary and codependent. This year’s SimV Core Value award for Technical Excellence went to Matt Child, who excels time and time again in both areas.

SimVentions COO, Joe Caliri, presented Matt with his award, saying, “Matt exemplifies technical excellence in everything he does. His work ethic, attention to detail, leadership skills, technical knowledge, thoroughness, and commitment are a driving force and inspiration to his co-workers.”

Matt previously worked for a medium sized company in Dahlgren as a software developer. He eventually felt called to leave, with no idea of where to go. His boss told him about SimVentions and the great people that worked there. Matt took the advice of his trusted boss and went in for an interview. Immediately, he felt a very pleasant and comforting vibe, and even ran into an old friend during the tour of the facility. For him, it seemed it was meant to be.

Matt was excited to join the SimV team and SimV was just as excited to welcome him aboard. His previous boss soon followed him to SimV and now they are both key players in our Technology Solutions Group. He has a deep focus on improving the user experience and is constantly on the lookout for creative ways to make it happen. Matt’s passion is making things that make a difference in people’s lives.

Matt is the Product Owner for Informedb™ – one of SimV’s flagship products.  He served as Product Owner for SCOPE, co-author and designer of the Mission Task Analysis Tool (MTAT), and was part of the team that started Scrum at SimV. Matt co-founded the Developer’s Workshop group to help bring smart ideas together from software developers across the company. He discovered there are countless ways of finding pleasure in his job and his 12 years at the company have left his fingerprints everywhere.

SimV also made its mark on Matt. He explained, “Ever since I came to SimV, I started to care a lot more about everything; being good at my job, learning new things, my family, my coworkers; the list goes on. This environment prioritizes and nurtures a service-oriented attitude. That spirit is so obvious among our leadership team. They truly care about their employees’ well-being. When they say they’re doing the absolute best they can for everyone, I believe it. That trust was earned over many years of living their values by example.”

SimV is looking for new employees with the drive and technical excellence like Matt. Visit our Careers page to see if we are the right fit for you!