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Life in the National Guard

By Taylor Duffy

The best part about working at SimVentions is serving those in our military who make sacrifices every day to defend us. It is a great reminder of why we do what we do, when we have so many veterans and those in the reserves working for SimV, like Eric Forcey.

Eric’s father was in the Army, as was his father, and his father. It is a Forcey family tradition, so when the Lynchburg-native enrolled in Liberty University, it only made sense to join their thriving ROTC program. After graduation, he started active duty in the Army, where he finished his commitment in 4 years. After finishing active duty, he decided he still wanted to be involved with the Army in some way. This is when he made the decision to join the Virginia Army National Guard.

He joined the National Guard as a field artillery officer. During this time, he went back to school to get his Master’s degree so he could pursue a career of civilian work. After starting his Master’s, he was hired by SimV in 2012, which was his first experience in the contracting world.

SimV taught him so much about contracting and he realized he could progress in the National Guard with this new skillset. In 2015, he applied and was accepted into the contracting career field within the National Guard. He really enjoys all the work and responsibility the National Guard gives.

He loves the concept of the National Guard; helping those in natural disasters by supporting state and national responses to emergency declarations, while simultaneously being able to augment the active Army component at home and abroad. He now loves being in the functional area of contracting because it’s applicable and helps him with his work at SimV. The National Guard provides their men and women with so many opportunities, such as training and licenses. Eric is fortunate enough to be DAWIA Level 2 certified for free, which is a very important certification that only those within the Department of Defense can receive.

Eric just got back from his annual training at the end of January, which consisted of two weeks of intensive contracts training in Fort Belvoir. His Senior team of 5 individuals trained the Junior team of 5 in the contracting duties they will be responsible for, as the Junior team is being deployed to the Middle East at the end of April this year. The National Guard has proven to be not only a great experience, but also a lot of responsibility. Just like the Junior team, Eric’s team could be deployed at any point in a time of need or emergency.

“SimV is an amazing place to work if you’re in the National Guard or Reserves. Most of the leadership are veterans and understand the requirements and lifestyle, so they have been so supportive through it all. It isn’t just the leadership that’s supportive; everyone at every level is supportive,” said Eric. “They not only help me through the National Guard, but they helped by partially funding me through my Master’s degree. They have been so accommodating and if I had to be deployed at any point, they would give me the same support and encouragement. Many other companies and careers aren’t so helpful and kind toward their employees in the National Guard, so I can’t thank SimV enough for being so great.”

SimV is so proud of Eric for his willingness to serve our country and our company. SimV is looking for more employees like Eric to join our team. Apply through the Careers page below!