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SimVentions Hosts Team Building Day for Cyber Group

By Megan Shepherd

SimVentions’ Cyber Security Group (CSG) had a conference on December 12th at our Virginia Beach office! The attendees were made up of 30 SimV CSG employees from our Fredericksburg, Dahlgren, and VB offices.

The day started with some high-level training on penetration testing, and then we had a demo and hands-on training on how to build Cat-5 cables. After that training, we had a Capture the Flag competition where the group broken into six teams. The teams took a couple of hours to try to locate four flags in the system using penetration testing tools and practices. The team that won and located the four flags was led by Ben Cordova, and included Michele Dudley, Tiffany Johnson, Thomas Michel, and Jack Sorroche. The day ended with the Family Christmas Potluck at the VB office where families, additional SimV Leadership, and Santa joined us.

This conference was a big deal for CSG because it was the first day that we had a good number of the team from Fredericksburg, Dahlgren, and VB all together. My favorite part was having the team together from multiple locations and watching them all get to know one another and work together to discuss common tasks, challenges, etc. It was a day full of team introductions, putting faces to names, team collaboration, and fellowship. We plan to learn from this inaugural event and make it better for the next ones to provide a team-filled day and technical training that folks are always interested in learning.

SimVentions currently has open Cyber positions in Fredericksburg, Dahlgren, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, along with other technical positions. Apply now at