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SimVentions’ Agile Coach

By David Marshburn

My Agile coaching journey began over 20 years ago onboard a US Warship testing the broken results of a failed waterfall weapons system development effort. From user to software engineer, I spent the next several years stuck within that waterfall world, primarily in defense and aeronautical contracting. When I became an unwilling participant of an uninformed, uneducated, and unguided in-house Agile transformation, I honestly didn’t think too much of it. Our implementation of Scrum was just as disaster-prone and unsustainable as every waterfall effort I had been a part of.

After I joined SimVentions, I was asked to Scrum Master a team since I “had Scrum experience.” While I was faking it as a Scrum Master on that team, I was fortunate enough to receive training from an amazing Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), who completely changed my views of Scrum and Agile. The CST not only helped me to understand the value and benefits of an Agile approach to software development, but also showed me the value and necessity of coaches in helping teams and organizations realize their Agile goals.

Following the training, I immersed myself in learning about Agile, specifically Scrum, by reading as much as possible, talking to people about Agile, and striving to become a more effective Scrum Master. It was also during this time that I began working to advocate and evangelize for an Agile mindset throughout our organization – not just within our development teams.

After serving at different times as Scrum Master and Product Owner, I decided to make a career change from software project/program management to focus solely on helping teams and organizations with their Agile transformations. It was at this point that I left SimVentions and took a job as an Agile coach with a consulting firm. Within that firm, I was surrounded by a great staff of Agilists with years of experience helping organizations in their Agile transformations. The knowledge and experience I gained working with these Agilists was awesome and inspiring, and showed me how much more I still had to learn.

However, I missed the fellowship I had at SimVentions and the friends I’d left behind. This past October, I returned to SimVentions to continue my Agile journey – this time as the company’s Agile coach. As we focus in 2020 on becoming more Agile, on embracing and living the Agile principles, we are looking for more Agilists. Realizing the organization’s goal of achieving an Agile mindset will require a strong Agile community within SimVentions – a community that is willing to learn together, work together, and bring a higher level of Agility to an already great company. Is it time you took the next step in your Agile journey?

About SimVentions

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