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SimVentions COVID-19 Response

At SimVentions, we are focused on the safety of our customers, our partners, our employees and their families.  As such, we have worked during the COVID-19 pandemic to continue delivering to our customers while providing a safe environment. 

When COVID-19 started, we moved most of our workforce to work remotely.  We quickly adapted to virtual meetings, work, and continued connections with our customers and teams. We provided multiple tools for these needs and provided training on those tools. We continued to effectively and efficiently deliver to our customers while providing safety and flexibility to our employees. Additionally, our employees continued to focus on how we support our communities during this time, and we have continued to give back to our communities. 

As the pandemic continues, we have gradually re-opened our offices to allow our workforce to access the resources necessary all while keeping our facilities safe.  SimVentions closely follows CDC, state, and local guidance to take a phased approach to our re-opening. We are currently in Phase Three which allows for a limited number of people in each of our facilities and we plan to be in this phase through the end of 2020.  We have guidelines/protocols in place to protect our employees, visitors, and their families and continually monitor for updated guidance to update our plan and protocols.  If you are planning to visit a SimVentions facility, below are the protocols you should be aware of: 

Area Phase Three Guidelines / Protocols 
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Visitors will be required to provide their own masks prior to their arrival​ Use of masks is recommended at all times while in facility Use of masks is required when: Entering/exiting facility Traversing hallways Utilizing common-use areas (Center Court, kitchens, conference rooms, bathrooms) When unable to maintain six feet distance from others 
Social Distancing Follow social distancing best practices while at facilities​ Stay 6’ away from others; where a minimum distance cannot be maintained, masks will be required​ Avoid tasks that require face-to-face work with others​ Avoid contact with others​ Avoid touching surfaces that have been touched by others​ Avoid gathering when entering and exiting the facility​ Follow posted signage and floor markings regarding social distancing practices​ Avoid congregating in common areas 
Cleaning and Disinfecting Cleaning will be done by all  All high touch areas will be cleaned 2 to 3 times per day by Facilities​ After use of a common area or piece of equipment (e.g., conference room, printer, or coffee machine), the user should wipe it down prior to and following use​ Cleaning supplies will be in common areas, villages, and conference rooms​ Employees/visitors should wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds after cleaning or sanitizing a surface​ 
Entrances and Exits Entrances and exits will be limited at each facility to reduce touch points  Hand sanitizer will be available at each entrance and each employee/visitor is requested to use some upon entry to the facility​ Below are the entrance / exit points for each SimV office: ​ Fredericksburg: Main Entrance, Center Court rear door​, door nearest to TSG area by stairwell, and door between CSG and ECG Dahlgren: Front and rear doors​ Virginia Beach: Main entrance​ and door nearest to kitchen Washington DC: Main entrance  
Food Sharing of food is not recommended It is recognized that food may need to be provided due to scheduling demands, timing of meetings, and length of meetings.  In those cases: Preventative processes should be followed Preferred option is to break so attendees can exit the room Second option is each person to bring their own brown bag meal If food is provided, it is recommended that each item be individually wrapped If food is not individually wrapped, there will be one person, wearing both a mask and gloves, to serve the food. 

As we progress through these next few months and through the duration of this pandemic, our priority will remain on the safety of everyone.  Our actions always align our purpose, vision, and mission statements and we are honored to continue to serve our customers, partners, employees, and families.