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Save Foundation Guillaume

Foundation Guillaume is located in Plaisance, Haiti, a mountain village located 6 hours away from Port-au-Prince. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was established in 2001, with its mission being to impact the lives of the community in the town of Plaisance through the school, medical clinic, church, orphanage, elderly home, and numerous other projects. Their hope is for their community to be followers of Christ and a role model for Haiti.

SimVentions has a 6 year history with the Foundation. SimV’s Lindsey Biggs has led the yearly mission trip that offers STEM teaching and medical help to those in the Plaisance community. She has formed a team that has a deep love for the Haitian people, organizing fundraisers year-round to raise funds and get donations from our SimV community. SimV has been fortunate enough to donate money to build a home for a single mother, provide the orphanage with a well, and supply the medicine needed for each medical mission trip the team goes on.

During this period of extreme financial pressures brought about as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and Jocelyn Guillaume, head of the ministry, being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), many of their supporters are unable to support the foundation at this time. They are working hard to continue to provide support and services to what is already an expanding population but have had to cut programs. One of the programs that was cut was feeding the children at the school (L’École Léopold Luc Guillaume). If finances do not improve, they will have to close the school down.

Education is the most important thing for a child because it helps them learn how to think critically, expose them to new ideas, and helps the child find the path to a career that they wish to pursue. Children are the pillars of the nation and future.

SimV is asking that you please consider giving to this life-changing cause. The fundraising organization below doesn’t charge fees: (Facebook Fundraiser).

If you are unable to support the Foundation financially during this time, please consider getting the word out and liking their Facebook page: (Facebook page).

Thank you for considering giving back to this organization that means so much to us at SimVentions.

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