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The FredNats Grand Slam

By Dan, SimV Employee

The July 6th game wasn’t looking good at the beginning, but it sure ended with a bang. The Cannon Ballers scored three runs right away and the FredNats didn’t get a run until the 5th inning. It was hot outside and we were expecting a home loss. Eventually, the score was tied 3-3 by the 7th inning and stayed tied, forcing extra innings.

I don’t follow baseball regularly, so the new and somewhat controversial pandemic-season rule of putting a runner on second for all extra innings was a surprise but makes the game move faster. Since it was such a close game, the crowd got rowdy! Clapping, singing, and whistling at the Cannon Ballers when they were at bat, the excitement made it very enjoyable! I may or may not have participated. Finally, at the bottom of the 10th inning, the FredNats were back up to bat, and Ricardo Mendez bunted and made it to first. Two men were on base right away. The Cannon Ballers must have feared the next hitter; they wouldn’t even pitch to him, and just let Onix Vega walk, making the bases loaded. Kevin Stroschein, next up to bat, hits the ball out of the park, scoring 4 points and winning the game. The energy in the stadium was unmatched!

This was such an incredible game to watch from the comfy, air-conditioned seats of the SimVentions suite. It’s so great to be able to request tickets and watch the game with friends or family. We had a great view of the field and even saw the SimV ad run on the jumbotron a few times. The park has a lot of activities to keep everyone entertained, and Gus even makes a personal visit to the suite for photos. After the amazing game and accommodation from the SimV box, I am counting down the days until I can bring my family back!