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SimVentions Assists with the Acquisition M&S Standard Tools

Fredericksburg, Va., 07-15-2021: SimVentions, a proud supporter of the Simulation Interoperability and Standards Organization (SISO) , congratulates SISO in the announcement of the Acquisition Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Standards Profile. The Acquisition M&S Standards Profile captures the ensemble of standards to more effectively and efficiently leverage and use M&S. It incorporates best practices and identifies key standards to support all the phases of the acquisition lifecycle.

Paul Gustavson, SimVentions’ Chief Technology Officer, who served as Vice Chair of the Product Development Group, offers this perspective. “The Acquisition M&S Profile comes at the right time for all of us. The acquisition lifecycle encompasses six stages starting with the concept stage. M&S, especially in support of digital engineering, applies to every one of these stages. Knowing what standards and best practices can be used to innovate and support our warfighters and decisions makers is vital. I am proud that SimVentions has been a part of this effort, thankful for all those who contributed to it, and excited to leverage this framework in support future endeavors.”

These SISO products establish a framework that will enable more efficient and effective integration of M&S across the entire acquisition lifecycle, including product development, testing, and operations. In light of the growing importance of joint, international, and mission-focused operations and evaluation, this framework provides a way to improve the consistency and credibility of many future acquisitions.

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