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“We had the contract awarded in three months. We estimated an administrative savings of $1.5 million owed to standardization and consistency.


Service acquisition made (much) easier.

The Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool Suite (ARRT) is a collection of tools that helps you build strategic elements of your acquisition documents by walking you through structured processes to help ask and answer the right questions related to your acquisition. As you complete the process, the tool generates work products in MS Word format for further editing and routing through the acquisition process.

Requirements Definition

The ARRT Suite Requirements Definition is an automated job assistance tool used to write performance-based requirements. Using the tool, you can create Performance Work Statements (PWS), Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASP), and Performance Requirement Summaries (PRS). The tool is based on the Requirements Roadmap methodology for creating performance based service contracts.

Evaluation Factors

The ARRT Suite Evaluation Factors tool provides a simple, structured approach for developing your contract source selection factors. It walks you through a step by step process to set your factors and subfactors, describe what will be evaluated, and set their relative importance. By importing your requirements from the ARRT Requirements Definition, you can also set the relative importance of your PWS elements too. As you complete this process, the ARRT Evaluation Factors includes a Source Selection Plan (SSP) template based on the FAR that folds in your factors and relative importance as well as provide template paragraphs for the balance of your SSP. Once complete, the tool automatically generates the language of relative importance and produces a draft SSP. The ARRT Evaluation Factors makes developing your source selection factors and subfactors easy and repeatable.

Performance Assessment

The ARRT Suite Performance Assessment tool is designed to assist Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs) in monitoring and reporting contractor performance. The tool imports the QASP created in the ARRT Requirements Definition, allowing for edits to be made in order to sustain alignment between requirements. The ARRT Performance Assessment also assists in generating an assessment schedule and guides CORs as they go about executing the plan. The final work product of the tool is a complete set of Contractor Performance Assessment Reports System (CPARS) inputs that the COR can use to rate and communicate with the contractor.

Cost Estimation

The ARRT Suite Cost Estimation tool guides cost estimators of all experience levels through the process of estimating costs of services defined in a Performance Work Statement (PWS). The tool allows you to create a PWS or import one from an ARRT Requirements Definition file. The tool contains a Cost Estimate Sheet that displays the total costs you have estimated for each Cost Type (ie Labor, Travel, etc.). Work Products that summarize the data contained in an Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel.