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“Providing better awareness of the system under development and test.”

“The benefit and payoff for using Information For Me in DDS (InformeDDS) is more efficient debugging of your DDS network and faster, more complete system validation, both resulting in reduced cost and schedule.”

Pub/Sub Visualization & Interactive Dashboard

By their very nature, publish/subscribe networks can become very complex quickly, and it is difficult to understand all of the interconnections among components.  InformeDDS provides intuitive visual representation of a publish/subscribe network, providing fast recognition of problem areas and interactive search and navigation of the current publish/subscribe network.  This results in rapid verification that the system is behaving as designed.


InformeDDS has evolved as a tool to gain an understanding of what components exist, what topics exist, the relationships among them, and more.

  • Auto-discover domain participants and topics with no prior knowledge of their existence
  • Visualize and navigate the relationship between domain participants and topics
  • Display topic data format (i.e., IDL) and data as it is received
  • Inspect Quality of Service (QoS) settings for each topic


InformeDDS is currently developed for use with RTI Connext® DDS middleware environments, and can help debug connectivity issues (e.g., QoS incompatibilities), verify message content (by displaying data as it is received or by recording for offline analysis), and validate topic format (by validating against a “ground truth” topic description).

  • Perform simple message injection
  • Validate discovered topic against pre-defined “groundtruth” topic data
  • Record data from any number of topics to analyze offline or be played back at a later time
  • Efficient method for testers to validate a developed system component against its specification