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The Modular Amphibious Littoral Autonomous Robotic Deployment Vehicle (MALLARD™) is an autonomous and amphibious unmanned system, designed to provide low acoustic, electromagnetic, and visible signature in ground-based and maritime environments. This SimVentions led initiative features patent pending technology that we are coordinating with our partners to support our warfighters and first responders. 

The goal is clear. A low-cost solution that provides multiple operational capabilities including forward deployable enhanced lethality, supply line defense, situational awareness, and extended network capabilities to the warfighter on the front line and even behind enemy lines. Utilizing burst communications, fully autonomous navigation, and paired with its unique amphibious drivetrain, MALLARD™ can get to hard-to-reach areas, minimizing friendly emissions. 

Being light on its feet, MALLARD™ can provide a wide range of possible detection and counter-ISR technologies. Its relatively low cost allows for operation in compromised locations as well as the ability to provide decoy-like modality. The modular, open architecture enables rapid integration with existing technologies to provide support for a large variety of missions such as ISR, targeting, unmanned vehicle delivery (in and out of the water), shot detection, and communications relay.  

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MALLARD™ is designed to support a wide range of amphibious missions and is limited only by the payload it carries.

Comms Relay

Amphibous Scouting

Disaster Relief

Forward Recon

MALLARD™ is designed with the following differentiating capabilities:  

  • Autonomous and amphibious unmanned system 
  • Forward-deployable
  • Multi-environment operatations - including ground-based and maritime environments
  • Low acoustic, electromagnetic, and visible signature 
  • Multiple operational capabilities (supply line support, enhanced lethality, situtonal awareness, extended network communication, and more)
  • Autonomous navigation paired with a unique amphibious (patent pendinf) drivetrain, 
  • Emiission friendly 
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